Don’t just invite friends over for an evening, invite them for the weekend! That’s the motto behind the Lillevilla 100. Enter the main room through the single door which is double glazed as standard and to your right you will see a secondary open space 3m2 inside and an extra room with privacy door. Above, there is a pleasant storage area with steps supplied. The Lillevilla 100 certainly caters for all.

Veranda is included in price with measurements 2000mm by 3590mm.

For strength and durability all our cabins are 44mm log thickness. This makes an ideal cabin for all year round usage. Each board is double tongue and groove making the interlocking far stronger and securely sealed against external weather.

Typical optional extras for this log cabin are listed above right.

Additional Information

  • Dimensions: 5.65 x 3.90 x 3.39 m
  • Terrace Dimensions: 3.59 x 2.00m
  • Floor Plan: 22.00m²
  • Terrace Floor Plan: 6.74m²
  • Included Door Type(s): C: 1 x 895 x 1820mm
  • Included Window Type(s): D: 3 x 1190 x 870mm, E: 1 x 640 x 870
  • Maximum Height: 3.39m
  • Product Width: 5.65m
  • Product Depth: 3.90m
  • Log Thickness: 44mm

The Lillevilla 100 pack contains

  • All the 44mm wooden external walls
  • Storm rods
  • Bearer beams with a damp proof course
  • 21mm floor boards
  • Double glazed windows and doors
  • All handles and locks
  • Georgian style window strutts
  • Roof boards
  • Standard roof felt (unless upgraded to shingles)
  • Terrace 3.59m x 2.00m
  • Internal wall partition with internal door access. (0.64m 0.87m)
  • Aluminium door step protector.

Please note: All storm rods and Georgian bars are removable.

This will require 7 tins of 3-litre treatment to cover this log cabin

When your product is delivered it will be in a natural untreated state.

wood care treatment

What size does the base need to be for this cabin?

  • Width <–mm–> 5850
  • Depth <–mm–> 4100
Lillevilla 100 Log Cabin