Can’t decide between a spa for exercising and a spa for socializing? The NEW VB4 is the answer.

The new xStream Force Jet Propulsion System uses proprietary ‘anti-turbulence’ technology to boost and smooth the swim stream for the ultimate swimming and water exercise experience. Anti-turbulence technology creates a powerful, smooth, variable jet stream that is completely adjustable and designed to allow you to swim at your individual fitness level.

This swim spa is here to provide you with all of your fitness needs while also providing seating for up to 11 people. From day to night, your swim spa transforms from home gym to a place where memories are made with friends and family.

Available in 2 attractive options, Gray & Mahogany Excel-X was designed to blend into any Home or Garden.


Seat Capacity:

Size 427 x 228 x 127 cm
Weight Empty 1361 kg
Weight Full 7161 kg
Litres 5956 litres
Pumps 3 x 7HP
Jets 23 Stainless Steel Hydrotherapy Jets
2 River swim jets


Water Features: 6
Aurora Cascade Water Feature
Northern Exposure Insulation
DuraMAAX™ Cabinetry
Freeze Protection
Illuminated Drink Holders
LED Illuminated Swimline
Stainless Steel Jets
Steel Substructure
WiFi Connectivity
MP3/Bluetooth Music System