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Additional Options:

Exterior Options –  Grey Panelling Black Corners

The panelling used for the Kenya Hot Tub is Maintenance free whilst looking just like real wood. These panels last much longer than real wood as real wood can rot over time. The panels are of high quality and don’t fade in sun exposure keeping a high quality look for your Hot Tub for a long period of time.

Interior Colour Options- Midnight Canyon, Odyssey or Sterling Silver


Included in the Kenya Hot Tub is underwater LED lighting. This lighting is very popular in our Hot Tubs, users can select lighting of their choice to enhance the pleasure whilst relaxing from a range of colours.

Lighting helps to give the Hot Tub a very modern look and improves the mood of the users.

The lighting included in the Kenya Hot Tub are a large Led in the footwell of the Hot Tub, lighting at water level inside the Hot Tub and lighting on the outside of the Hot Tub corners.

Bluetooth music system

Included in the Kenya Hot Tub is a bluetooth music system that can be controlled from your Smartphone to maximize enjoyment whilst using the Hot Tub. This Hot Tub comes with two speakers located inside the Hot Tub.

Control system

The Kenya Hot Tub comes fitted with an America Balboa system. This system is used worldwide in the Hot Tub industry and is easy to use and proves very reliable.

Controls included on this system are the; lighting, jets and temperature control.

Shoulder and neck massage jets

The Kenya Hot Tub has shoulder and neck massage jets which increases relaxation levels when using the Hot Tub.

Benifits of the shoulder and neck massage jets:

  • It relieves muscular tension and pain in the neck and shoulders
  • It improves the elasticity of the skin and the muscles
  • It can stimulate spinal nerves, producing feelings of invigoration
  • It increases blood circulation to the areas being massaged, promoting healing.

Double filtration system

The Kenya Hot Tub comes with a double filtration system.

This reduces bacteria in your Hot Tub water, collects more particles from the spa and reduces change of filter blockage.

It is a new, very modern look which conceals the filters and gives a perfect place to store your chemicals.

Water Fountain feature

The Kenya Hot Tub also comes with an LED backlight water fountain that can be controlled using the diverters to adjust the power of the water fountain. It also comes with three water spout fountains that can be controlled.

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