This season more than ever before we are spending more time in the garden with our families and friends. And us brits have a love of a BBQ so why not take that to the next level by adding a Sizzler outdoor kitchen.


We have created the perfect addition to your dining experience with all the features you need to enhance your chance for masterchef claim to fame!


Sizzler Outdoor Kitchens Features


Multiple Burners
The Sizzler has four main stainless steel burners on the grill with an additional infrared back burner. It also has a useful side burner for cooking your favourite sauces and vegetables.


Motorised Rotisserie Spit
The integrated motorised stainless steel rotisserie makes it simple to cook that spit-roast your family with love.


Stainless Steel Hood
The Sizzler comes with a stainless steel hood. The built-in thermometer gauge allows you to regulate the temperature for that perfect slow cooked roast.


Lockable Fridge
With the Sizzlers lockable fridge, it means the worry of your favourite drinks going missing is the thing of the past.


Built in Sink
Every Sizzler comes with its own built in sink, to make even cleaning up easy.


3 Year Warranty

All Sizzler outdoor kitchens come with three years manufacturer warranty.


Finance Available



Black, Espresso, Medium Redwood, Portebello, Redwood